Setup GitHub access using SSH

1. Create an account on GitHub with company provided email

2. Open git bash or terminal

The best option to use git bash is to use the terminal provided in VS code

Execute the following command with your email (form which you have signed up)

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

Use the predefined settings, and continue until it gets completed

3. Now copy the public key generated

cat /c/Users/garim/.ssh/

4. Go to GitHub > Settings > SSH and GPG Keys

Add a New SSH key

Put "CodeRower Account" in the title

Paste the public key copied above in the key section

-- And it's done.

Go to the project repository and clone the repo using ssh link, you can find it here




I love finding patterns and concluding insights out of it. After working as Employee, a Consultant, a Freelancer I figured out mostly we start our project or a module or microservice either by copying an existing code or base repositories from GitHub lets say. And then spend a lot of time on customising it, analysing pitfalls, making it work so that I can start wrinting business logic for the work. So, I started POC-ing FAB Builder so that I get a trailered project targetted to my requirements and on which I can start wrinting business logic within few mins. This makes my life easy and my clients get a better quality products which are easy to modify and easy to maintain.